"Places" is your next generation postcard. Instead of just seeing a still image of a place, you are invited to join an exciting ride through a 3D scenery of your choice Share/Bookmark

Below you find a small collection of places for you to check out. Take your kids on a helicopter ride over the Grand canyon or why not a visit to Disney Paris. But do feel free to grab that planet and look up other interesting places and send a Place Card of your house along with your next pary invitation.

The way you move around in Places is unique. Our brand new 3D navigation system is called GExplorer and allows novice users to experience the most incredible cinematic views of the scenery. In fact the views are so good that we added a recorder so you can save and share your places with your friends. GExplorer can be licensed for any 3D environment.

Use places as a postcard. Maybe you want to promote your tourist location or a particular piece of real-estate.

Check out the uses gallery where various ideas are displayed. We can also host sponsored places where additional 3D models can be included. Just contact us for more information

Our planet is packed with amazing places and Google Earth has got most of them. Get started and checkout the sample selection of places for you to explore.

Posted on june 6th, 2009

"Grand canyon"

The Grand canyon is a steep-sided gorge carved by the Colorado river over millions of years. Flying between the sheer cliff faces will be amazing whether real or virtual. While you're here, why not try the virtual option right now.

Posted on june 6th, 2009

"Mount St. Helens Volcano"

Mount St Helens is an active vulcano in the state of Washington USA. It is most famous for its catastrophic eruption on May 18, 1980. The vulcano is 2550 meters (8365 feet) high and has an age of approximately 40.000 years. It last errupted in 2004.

Posted on june 6th, 2009

"Port of Rotterdam"

The Port of Rotterdam, Europe's largest port dwells on 105 square kilometers of land, most of it reclaimed. Explore this busy port and discover how big it really is. The Netherlands is still expanding this port today. If you haven't already you should check out this port aboard a ship in "Ships"

Posted on june 6th, 2009

"Manhattan - New York"

Manhattan is a major commercial, financial, and cultural center of both the United States and the world. The best way to admire this metropolis is by flying over it by helicopter. The next best way is right here in "Places"

Posted on june 6th, 2009

"Disneyland Paris"

Recently Disney and Google announced the release of the entire park modelled in 3D on Google Earth. This is your chance to explore this holiday park Peter Pan style. Make sure you let the kids have a go too.


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