Explore this diorama

The diorama above has many visual treats and vista's ready for you to explore. Enter the rich tapestry of sounds and multimedia by clicking on any of the pink play icons.

Once the diorama is opened you see blue play icons. Click on any of them to discover the treats hidden underneath. You can take control of the view at any time by clicking on the scene and drag it around like you normally would using Google Earth.

Alternativly you can simply keep clicking next which takes you through the correct order of the scenes untill the story is told. Make sure to explore though, there are 3D sounds everywhere.

You can control the volume with the slider on the top left. Music fades first, then environment sounds and finally the guide voice if there is any.

If the 3D window is a bit small, make sure to go to full screen by clicking on the maximise icon


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