Posted on February 27, 2012

Your stories in your world...

This Diorama project now makes this possible. Instead of viewing a story playback, we let you experience your story at your own pace. You will be presented with many little play icons to click on. A treat is hidden under each of those icons waiting to be discovered. Be told about a local museum, a slideshow of a monument, see spectacular camera passes and hear a rich tapestry of 3D sounds. It is all there for you to explore in the story being told. Google Earth never felt more alive.

In Diorama we use Google Earth as the interactive medium it really is. Here you create your stories where visitors will be compelled to click on one more play icon as your story unfolds.

Tourist information in San Sebastian

Today we rolled out phase one of the Diorama system that enables web-site owners to put together rich diorama presentations that can be embedded right in your own web-site as easy as embedding a youtube video. The Diorama system provides a easy to use scripting interface that will populate Google Earth with additional 3D models, 3D sounds and the most amazing ultra smooth camera sweeps and sunsets. The presentation can also be enriched by image slideshows inside Google Earth and even Youtube videos. The level of integration between all these elements is amazing. A browser based sandbox code builder is provided to make the job of scrip creation very easy to learn and test. Expect a browser based drag and drop editor in the near future.

Diorama is a perfect educational tool. It can be used to tell stories about historic events. Schools can get students to construct Diorama's for their history lesson and present it to their peers. The learning takes place during the creation but also during the playback of their work.

As usual on, the use of our advert powered Diorama is free of charge and available to anyone. Special advert free arrangements can be made for commercial use.

Try building your own Diorama now

Although we will release a user friendly browser based editor in the near future, the Diorama scripts will remain more versatile and feature rich. To help you to learn the script, we build a browser based codebuilder where you can very quickly try to construct your own scripts

Once you are done, click on "show Page" and page the HTML code in your HTML editor and save your web page. If you get stuck there is the support group to ask questions.


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