Perpetual Ocean demo

Visualisation of Perpetual Ocean data produced by the Goddard Space Flight Center.
Allow plenty of time to load all the data and let the animation settle.

Load progress:

Click here for 70MB hires version


Perpetual Ocean

As soon as the video from NASA hit the internet we were looking at a way to bring this data into Google Earth and allow interactive exploration of the oceans currents. Eventually a comment from Andrew Leahy on Google+ led to a collection of images.

72 jpeg images with a size of 2048 by 1024 pixels that look like this:

Rather than black land masses I wanted the original Google Earth imagery to show though and therefore all the black needed to be made transparent. For this I used Paint dot net and the amazing Codelab plugin which allowed me to write routines to measure the saturation of a color and use this to control transparency. This made the black landmasses transparent with soft edges. Next I turned the images to gray scale so they could be stored as 8 bit PNG images without dithering. The 72 images are animated at a rate of 10 frames per second but because the frames are crossfaded, you get the impression of a much higher frame rate.

Why did we do this? Because we can. Contact us if your organisation has geo-data that needs to be displayed in an appealing way.


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