Dinther Product Design Ltd is a New Zealand based company which was created in 2005 in order to accomodate our first project for Airside Simudrive Ltd. For this company we created a Airside drive simulator which is used to train airside staff the rules of the road. Operation of vehicles in proximity of expensive aircraft goes with a special set of road rules which are tought in this simulator. As it turned out the simulator proved very capable of more complex simulations one of which is aircraft pushback. Air New Zealand used the simulator to train 30 of their pushback drivers how to safely push around a multi million dollar aircraft. The fidelity of the simulation exceeded all expectations. Here is a video showing training in progress.

Since then the company has been involved in a range of simulation activities ranging from tradeshow drive simulators which resulted in the Simdeck product, to medical simulators.

Unfortunately we are prohibited to tell you details about many of the projects we are involved in but currently our most advanced simulator project in progress is a medical procedure simulator. In this project we develop both the complex simulation algorythms and the principal hardware solutions and coordinated the design and manufacture of the hardware and specialised USB circuit boards.

Yet, we still find time to explore new grounds and push boundaries. Our latest research project has been in multi monitor management for 3D visualisation. During the development of the Airside drive simulator we already touched on the "Virtual window" concept but it wasn't untill Johnny Lee presented his Youtube video that we picked up our old code and took it all the way. The result is a screen management system that when combined with head-tracking equipment will turn the screens into true Windows onto the virtual world.

Click here for a more technical presentation on the 3D manager

From time to time we publish other video's that may be of technical intrest. They can all be found here.

Dinther Product Design Ltd can take on your projects, large or small. We may not be in your country but this is a global world and like you, we too hire skills where we get great value for money. As a small business we have been around long enough and we have a proven track record. Why not contact us now and find out what we can do for you.



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