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Welcome to where the world is your playground. Google Maps is a highly detailed 2D and 3D representation of our entire planet. brings you a top quality experiences with the latest applications and concepts that will let you experience your planet in a whole new dimension, join the experience of ship navigation around the world.

Google Earth is no more, long live Google Maps

Unfortunately, the classic Google Earth plugin is no longer functional and with that it is no longer possible to enjoy the may Google Earth based applications that we used to have on here. But the coolest apps are preserved here through video. Click here to go to the old site

But don't despair, we are very close to launch our first much improved ship simulator on using Google Maps instea of Google earth. Expect many more crazy and innovative applications written around Google Maps.

New web-site

17 August 2016 - the old web-site was so terribly outdated, I could no longer put it off. I borrowed the design from and used it to replace the old web-site. Expect the look and feel to change a little but for now this will have to do. is live

30 July 2016 - The site has gone live. Before you get too excited. The Ship simulator game can not be played but you can try out the image gallery and the menu system when you click "Play". I am also very keen for feedback. Post feedback in the Facebook group

There is still a lot to do but were another step closer to release.

Ships 2 Career - progress on Facebook

14 May 2016 - Well, ships 2 Career starts to sound like the "Duke nukem" game that took forever but progress is being made. In anticipation of the planned release in a few month I started a facebook page where the latest news and later your antics in Ships2Career can be shared. Go and check it out.Facebook group

Perpetual Ocean

3 April 2012 - This was a super cool little project. Explore the ocean currents that have been visualised by the Goddard Space Flight Center. As soon as the video from NASA hit the internet we were looking at a way to bring this data into Google Earth and allow interactive exploration of the oceans currents. We did not produce this data. All we do is visualise it in Google Earth the way we think it is supposed to be seen.

Diorama - Your stories in your world...

27 February 2012 - Diorama was another one of those ideas that just came too late. It was to become a user friendly editor to tell stories in Google Earth.

Google Earth had become a rich and beautiful model of our planet and Diorama was going to offer the tools to put your stories in it. Animation, sounds, music, images, 3D models and video all tightly integrated into one compelling experience.

Here a playlist of even more Diorama demo videos.

Drive the A-Team van

10 August 2010 - In 2010, Twentieth Century Fox International hired us to write a promotion game for The A-Team movie in two weeks flat! The game was published in 17 languages and hosted on their youtube brand channel but it has been taken down since. It especially cool because it was hidden as an easter egg on Youtube behind the trailer video.


18 May 2010 - Exited by the success of Ships we ended up writing a full blown helicopter simulation in Google Earth. The idea was to fly a Helitaxi all over San Francisco and earn money to save for Helicopter upgrades. The flying was easy and it proved a very cool way to navigate around in Google Earth.

Ships 1.5

10 October 2009 - I decided I wanted to figure our how to smoothly animate 3D models inside google Earth. I found a rich API from google that allowed me to do just that and as it turned out, I was the first developer to use Google Earth as a Game engine. The project received a lot of attention and was a huge step up to other projects. My love for ship simulation never died. Ships2Career will be taking things up a few notches.


Dinther Product Design Ltd is a small New Zealand company well known for our work with Google Earth. We pretty much specialize in simulations from small to big. Be it medical bronchoscopy, Aircraft pushback training or ship simulation or specialised tools to help you produce all kinds of media output. For big projects we are usually involved in the conception stage. Building proof of concept solutions and then help to build a dedicated team that will carry the project the rest of the way.

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